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From the ACIL Chairman

The 2011 launch of this web site responds to the public thirst for information on maintaining a healthy, safe environment.  As independent, private sector laboratories, ACIL members provide the objective, scientific data on which manufacturers and government agencies base conclusions about safety, performance and other criteria for products and services used in our everyday lives.

Third party laboratories exist to validate product claims and uncover dangerous deficiencies, providing an objective benchmark for evaluators to consider when accepting or rejecting goods and services.  During national, state or local emergencies, testing laboratories stand ready to provide professional services and augment capacity due to spikes in demand.  As a national resource, we offer Breaking News during real or perceived public safety and health emergencies, so that the public can easily access topical information from some of the most dedicated scientific and engineering minds in the country.

To learn more about the independent, commercial laboratory’s contribution to public health, safety and the environment, watch our video “The Value of Independent Testing,” and check back often as this site becomes an important resource for information on the independent testing industry.  Thank you for visiting, and we hope you come again soon.

Trevor Boyce


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